PMR446 FM Portable Radio (EU use)

An easy-to-use, license-free PMR446 UHF FM transceiver. Thin and lightweight yet durable design. Simple and confident communications.

Drawing on Kenwood's expertise as an audio specialist, the TK-3501 offers crisp, clear audio resulting in depandable communications even in harsh operating conditions. The BTL audio amplifier combined with the large internal speaker delivers 1 W speaker output and reliable audio even in noisy environments.

  • TK-3501E
  • TK-3501E
  • TK-3501E

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PMR General Features

16 Channels/8 PMR446 FrequenciesYes
3-colour LED (Red, Orange, Green)Yes
All-In-One PackageYes
"All Reset" functionYes, Restores all channels to their default frequencies, plus resets Tones, VOX and keys to their default functions
Battery Saver ModeYes
Busy Channel Lock-outYes
Calling AlertYes
Compact DesignYes
Ease of Operating UseYes
Enhanced Kenwood AudioYes
Internal VOX ReadyYes
Key LockYes
Low Battery WarningYes
Monitor ButtonYes
Programmable Function Keys1 Programmable Function Keys
PTT Release ToneYes
QT (CTCSS) / DQT (digital)Yes
Selectable Microphone GainYes
Time-Out TimerYes
VOXInternal VOX with 10-level Sensitivity Adjustment
Windows PC Programming and TuningYes

PMR Construction Features

Applicable Standards

For use in the EUYes
MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F/GYes

Technical Specifications

Number of Channels16
Channel Spacing12.5 kHz
Battery LifeWith KNB-63L: 20 hours
- 5-5-90 duty cycle, with battery saver on
Frequency Stability - ± 2.0 ppmYes
Operating Voltage7.5 V DC ± 20%
DimensionsWith KNB-63L: W x H x D 54 x 117 x 25.5mm
Weight (net)With KNB-63L: 210g
Range (under normal conditions)approx. 9 km May vary depending on terrain and conditions.
SAR ValueSAR head 0.37 Watt/kg, SAR trunk 0.54 Watt/kg

Receiver Specifications

Audio Output1.5 W with less than 10% distortion from new BTL Amplifier

Transmitter Specifications

RF Power Output0.5 W (PMR446 standard)