Spare Parts

Spare parts, accessories, removable front panels and instruction manuals for car audio, home audio and communications equipment can be obtained from the Mail Order Companies detailed below.

Some of our Instruction Manuals are available for download. If the model you require is not mentioned, then it maybe still available in paper book form from the Mail Order Companies detailed below.

(Note; Japanese Car Audio Products - Instruction manuals are not available in English, as Japanese car audio products are purely designed for the Japanese market.)

NOTE; - Removable front panels for car audio products can be supplied, but the following information is required for security reasons.

You will be required to supply the following details as a security measure;

1. The model number of the stereo.
2. Serial number of the unit.
    (The serial number starts KE0????? Etc. Which is located on the top or bottom panel
    of the stereo or on  the original packaging.)
3. A copy of the purchase receipt