• KSC-PSW8
  • KSC-PSW8
  • KSC-PSW8
  • KSC-PSW8

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Compact Powered Subwoofer

Active subwoofer system with 20cm Subwoofer and high efficiency 250W D-Class amplifier including wired remote control for volume, frequency & phase control. Generates high-quality sound and powerful bass while still being compact (die-cast aluminum housing: 350x75x240mm).
  • Low-pass Filter
  • Amplifier Included
  • Speaker level Input

Key Features

250W peak power
Powered subwoofer
20cm woofer
Aluminum Die-cast frame
Noise-less sound
Wired remote (Level/Freq./phase control)
Line(RCA) + speaker level input
Signal sensing power control