• KFC-XS1704
  • KFC-XS1704
  • KFC-XS1704
  • KFC-XS1704
  • KFC-XS1704

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XS-series 17cm compo speaker set

XS speakers are precisely designed for high-resolution audio to create a truly authentic listening experience with every detail and nuance.
  • Swifel Capability

Key Features

17cm 2-way, 4-speaker system
45W Rated input power (RMS)
Golden glass fiber & non-woven woofer cone
Special phase plug with center dip design
AFC and Tornado spider damper.
Optimized magnetic circuit with aluminum short ring
Unique 2-way tweeter with swivel application
Outer (hard) and inner (soft) tweeter diaphragm
High-res audio compatible
Attached crossover network


High-Rigid Glass Fiber Diaphragm

A glass-fiber is the material with high strength and high toughness. The woven glass-fiber diaphragm clearly provides all the detail ans impact you expect.


Optimized Magnetic Circuit with Aluminum Short Ring

An aluminum ring minimizes unwanted distortion caused by elctromagnetic induction of the voice coil, and it ensures a clear sound.

Aluminum Die-Cast Woofer Frame

A high-rigidity aluminum frame with high internal loss helps to suppress unwanted vibration, enabling the reproduction of natural, distortion-free sound.


Phase Correction Diffuser

Its special designed slits correct unwanted phase shift and deliver a more life-like sound experience.

Special Center Dip Design

The concave shape on the center part of the diffuser clearly reproduces a vocal sound image.


2-Way Tweeter

Featuring a completely reworked design from magnetic circuitry. The tweeter consists of two tweeters. This unique structure delivers the fulness in a wide range while each tweeter reproduces a different frequency band.