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PS-series 30cm subwoofer

This 30cm Subwoofer has a robust thermal management system, implemented with an Aluminum Bobbin, Closed Yoke Design, and Advanced Airflow Control. The X-Motif Cap (Injection Molded Polypropylene) controls resonance frequency and cut away unnecessary high frequency sound to deliver powerful, solid bass.

  • Oversized Dimension
  • Heat dissipation technology

Key Features

300mm Polypropylene Cone (PP Cone)
400 Rated/RMS Input Power
High-ridged Two-piece Diaphragm for solid bass
X-motif cap Technology for resonance control
Single, multi-layered, voice coil.
Aluminum bobbin for better thermal conductivity
Airflow control for optimal heat radition
Stress controlled spider
Push-terminals for easy connection
Sealed/Ported installation capabillity

Speaker Features

Speaker Size300mm
Oversized DimensionYes
Speaker Cone DesignDiamond-Array pattern
Magnet TypeFerrit
Voice-coilsingle, multi-layer voice coil
TerminalsPush Type
SpiderStress controlled spider
Bottom-YokeFully closed bottom yoke
Heat dissipation technologyAirflow control
Installation CapabillitySealed / Ported

Speaker/woofer Specifications

Peak Input Power2000W
Rated Input Power400W
Woofer Cone materialPolypropylene (PP) Cone
Center Cap Typex-motif cap
Speaker BasketSteel
Speaker SurroundFoam
Spider TypeStress controlled Spider
Frequency Response29Hz ~ 300Hz
Speaker Impedance4Ω
Dimensions (W x H x D)326 x 326 x 155.4mm
Mounting Depth137mm
Mouting Hole Diameter Ø280mm
Speaker Weight4200gr

Subwoofer Parameters

Nominal impedance (Z)4Ω
DC resistance (Re)3.7Ω
Resonant frequency (FSO)24.4Hz
Mechanical Q factor (QMS)6.79
Electrical Q factor (QES)0.52
Total Q factor (QTS)0.483
Voice coil inductance (LBM)2.04mH
Voice coil diameter (d)50mm
Force factor (BL)12.9T/m
Peak excursion Xmax5.9mm
Moving mass (MMS)152gr.
Volume accoustic compliance (VAS)104liter
Piston Area (SD)0.0512m²
Sealed box volume35.4liter
Sealed Box Dimensions457 x 362 x 299mm ( 18mm thick MDF)(WxHxD)
Vented box volume42.5liter
Vented Box Dimensions590 x 362 x 394mm ( 18mm thick MDF)(WxHxD)
Port dimensions (labyrinth) (W x H x L)35 x 324 x 736mm